This article is about how twitter is getting more popular even though some people might think that its not a big deal to know what someone else ate for breakfast or what are they doing at a certain time. How for some reason people get interested about that information. Mostly because they want to be connected with each other no matter where they live. This article also discusses how twitter works  and what kind of information you can find and post in there through the tools included. It is a really interesting article.
Here is the link to the article:,9171,1902818-4,00.html
This is my poem about friendship and what it means to me. The tools I used where really helpful because the program has an option that allows me to place a picture behind the poem, that way I can relate the picture with the poem. In this case I decided to use the flowers picture.
It was really interesting going to the poetry presentation. It was my first time attending to one and it was nice and interesting to listen to how writers read their poetry out loud and how their poem's mood is reflected on their voices. I really liked it.
After this I would like to write a poem about friendship.
This is just a little poster I created for my human disease project.
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